What to Know about Podiatrists and What They Can Do for You

Podiatry is a specialised branch of medical education that aims at diagnosing and treatment of human ankle, foot and lower leg disorders, diseases and deformities. Podiatry is also related to orthopaedics, a branch that is concerned with correcting problems that involve bones and joints in the skeletal system.

A podiatrist Adelaide is a doctor in podiatry. To be a professional podiatrist, one needs to obtain an undergraduate degree in an accredited college of podiatry to gain a professional license. As a foot care expert, the podiatrist undergoes intensive study and training in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of foot disorders, ankle problems. The remedy can be by medical or surgical means.

A podiatrist treats some of the most common foot problems like fungal infections, bacterial conditions, bunion pain, dry skin, corns and calluses, ingrown and painful toenails, warts, hammer toe and pours. To treat foot problems, a podiatrist doctor will prescribe drugs and physical therapy, set fractures and perform any necessary foot surgeries. They may also order laboratory tests and X-rays to diagnose a foot problem. Often, the feet show signs of severe diseases or conditions such as diabetes, arthritis and even heart diseases, so a podiatrist will also consult with other health experts to ensure that they are offering you the best solutions to your foot problem.

The bunion pain caused by enlargement and deformity of the joint that separates the foot and big toe can easily be treated by having a bunionectomy. The podiatry doctor will suggest patients suffering from bunion pain undergo the bunionectomy, during which the surgeon removes the deformed section of the foot joint to make sure there is a prevention of future bunions. Bunion removal surgeries and foot bone surgeries are some of the most commonly performed operations by a podiatrist. In fungal toenail infections, patients require a medical prescription for the treatment to eliminate the disease and a competent podiatrist to take them through the healing process.

The foot is susceptible to much stress. Painful toenails, foot pain, and other problems can cause unbearable discomfort, injury, or inflammation resulting in limited movement and mobility leading to loss of an active lifestyle. Since most issues end up with the patient experiencing painful toenails, podiatrist Adelaide advise people to pay close attention to the toes. While the toes are small and unnoticeable, toenails problems can be a significant inconvenience and very painful. Aching feet and painful toenails can easily be avoided if you are careful with your feet, or get information and guidance from a professional podiatrist.