How to Stop Stuttering in Children

The search for a stuttering cure that works continues for people who have been suffering from it for a long time. Over the past years, doctors have carefully studied how and why stuttering affects individuals who already have it. So far, no known cause has been established, but there are theories to support some determinants. Factors such as psychological, neurological, and genetic have been among the grounds that are being considered.

A child raised in an environment founded on fear or any negative feelings is more likely to develop speech difficulties among other psychological problems as he or she grows up. Somehow, stuttering may also run in the family. Note, though, that boys have a greater risk of developing stammering than girls.

Logically, stuttering children need a speech therapist more than a doctor. You may have them psychologically diagnosed to have a better view of the problem and then start with the therapy sessions. The effectiveness of the therapies depends on the level of one’s condition. For example, speech therapy, which could take at least a month of continuous training, can either lessen if not eliminate stuttering in mild cases. There are cases when it fails to fix the patient’s severe speech problem though. This situation calls for a deeper understanding of where the problem is coming from.

Group speech therapy has proven an effective stuttering cure although it is not always a guarantee. Bringing the patient to a place where people have the same problem warrants comfort and confidence that he or she is not alone in the battle. It will also encourage them to be more open about their feelings. Participating in a group therapy allows the patients to let out their anxieties and loosen some nerves. Along with speech therapy which involves training the patients to control their breathing, phonation, and articulation, these patients will gradually overcome their stuttering problem for good.

Choosing which stuttering cure to take is an important matter to be decided upon. Given these scenarios, it is not enough that you leave everything in the hands of a speech therapist. What is more important is a family member’s presence and support. More than anything or anyone else in the world, they will need the loving care of someone they feel safe with. The least that you can do is to be open about this condition in a normal conversation without making them feel embarrassed. This way, they can easily cope knowing they are just like any normal kids but only need a little adjustment.

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