How Green Home Renovations Add Value to Your Property

Selling a house has never been tough as it is today. Real estate analysts now suggest that today’s market is as troubling as what was encountered during the Great Depression. Experts indicate that this year’s sales will be down more than thirty percent as compared to ten years ago. With house prices plummeting and the market stagnating, if you are looking to sell your home it is important to give it an edge over other properties.

You can almost instantly make your home a more desirable proposition through quick and energy efficient green renovations. These modifications can dramatically reduce energy bills, minimise water usage, improve the indoor air quality, and bring down the building’s overall carbon footprint. With concerns about climate change and global warming filling news bulletins, more people are interested in buying a green home.

With the market flooded with properties, those individuals, and families who are planning to make a purchase are looking for added value. Two types of real estate get snapped up fast, those that have a high price and the buildings that have desirable extras and modifications. Smart, eco-friendly alterations can ensure that your current home is not left on the market for too long.

The most obvious way to make your property green is to make it more energy-efficient. You should do more than just add a few photovoltaic panels to the roof structure or enlarge the windows to let in more ambient light. To make your home seem a desirable buy, you should document how your modifications have impacted on utility bills. By providing a comparison of your bills and those of regular houses in your area you can highlight it as its attraction.

Upgrading energy intensive appliances with more efficient models does pay off. So would installing a programmable smart thermostat to control heating and cooling, and motion detectors to trigger your home’s lights. Updating the building’s insulation can also massively reduce running costs.

Going green does help sell a home. If you are concerned about the outlay that would be involved with making eco-friendly modifications, check out what online home loans are available to help offset the cost. Any money that you invest can be recovered by increasing your asking price when placing the property on the market. You can have an attractive return on investment and be proud to lessen the impact on the environment.

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