Having Palm Tree Problems – Hire a Professional Arborist

Trees are valuable home assets, but sometimes you need to control their growth or face the risk of damage to your property. If you have issues with the palm trees on your property, you might not know whom to call for help. The professional who will provide all of the services you will need is called an arborist. Offered services include:

Tree Removal

Sick and rotting trees can cause significant problems to your home and any vegetation around it. An arborist will have a few different options when it comes to palm removal services. There are standard, low-impact, and down-only options for removal. Standard options include downing the tree, disposing of the limbs, and cutting the parts suitable for firewood. If the client decides they would rather not have the wood to use in their household, it can be removed for an additional fee.

Down-only removal options provide the same safety-conscious palm tree removal service, but the downed limbs will not be cut into firewood or moved for disposal. All cleaning is left to the homeowner in this option, but this does make it the cheapest option available to the homeowner.

Low-impact extrication options are designed with your property in mind. The tree is cut carefully into small pieces and lowered onto your yard so as not to cause any damage. After the tree is cut, it will be chopped into smaller pieces and lifted off your property so as not to cause drag damage to your flowers or lawn. Occasionally, a crane may be required to complete this task correctly. Your specialists will be able to offer you a free consultation to go over all of your removal options.


An arborist is also skilled when it comes to palm tree pruning Brisbane. There are some techniques they can utilise depending on the effect you are looking to get out of trimming, including thinning, elevating, view clearing, dead branch removal, and restoration pruning.

Canopy cleaning removes all of the dead, dying, weak, diseased, and otherwise useless limbs off of your palm trees.

Thinning is a method of palm tree pruning that selectively eliminates branches and limbs to increase light penetration and air movement, as well as to reduce branch weight.

Elevating is a great way to provide more clearance for your outdoor activities. In this method of pruning, the lower branches are removed to give you more space.

View clearing and dead branch removal pruning methods are self-explanatory, but its name does not as naturally define restoration pruning. This technique is for trees damaged by storms, vandalism, or weak ground foundations. This method aims to improve the appearance, structure, and form of the tree.

Besides removal and palm tree pruning Brisbane services, your local arborist can also offer you a lot of other services including stump removal, fallen and hazard tree removal. A good arborist can provide you with peace of mind above all else. Get in touch with your local professionals before you wish you had.