Event Lighting Design – Key Steps to Consider

Lighting is a powerful medium used to transform an event from a gathering of people to a styled and exciting event. The importance of stage lighting design and event lighting hire has become a top priority for event organisers as lighting technology has become more advanced and more accessible to organisers of all types of events. Herewith is a step by step guide to using lighting design that will make your event successful and memorable.


How to make your stage lighting design effective:


Step 1: Questions


An informed event panning decision is a good planning decision. When using a stage lighting hire company, you need to ask yourself a few questions before turning to them for professional advice and answers. Questions like what type of event am I planning and how many guests will be attending the event? Also, consider questions like what kind of venue do I need and how will the place accommodate the sort of stage lighting that I want? All these questions will help you in drawing up your budget needs, narrow down on your venue options as well as the staging companies.



Step 2: The Layout


Most stage lighting hire companies will offer computer-aided designs which will show you a layout of the event itself, where to place the tables and the stage and where to position the rest of lighting and audio equipment. It can assist the event planner to know the appropriate lighting system and how it will affect the space.


Step 3: The Extent of Lighting


The type of event will dictate how much to get extravagant with your lighting hire or keep it minimal. Medical conferences, for example, do not require an entire room to be washed with luxurious pink lighting and disco balls. Conversely, if the event is a party or any celebration, the brightness can cover the entire venue and walls with fancy party lights to make the event lively.


Step 4: The BudgetEvent Lighting Hire


It is easy to fall for fancy lighting designs, just because the technology available is exciting. However, remember that your event should be within your budget with no exception. Therefore, when looking for Event Lighting Hire services, be sure to keep your budget in mind and look for a stage hire company that can offer you the best quote. There are many choices concerning event lighting, and this lighting equipment is not costly. You only need to know what you want, factor in your budget and they know what fits your budget with no compromises on quality. With proper research, you will find a stage lighting company that will cater to all your needs at an affordable price.